Water Management

Water is a precious commodity. Misuse is not only wasteful, but can cost Communities greatly. With tight allocations by the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), managing water has never been more vital. DLC has established the industry-leading WaterRight© program that is proven to keep Communities looking beautiful while dramatically reducing water use and waste. Our water management program keeps our Communities' plants healthy and flourishing.

DLC manages roughly 2 billion gallons of water each year, which carries a 

tremendous amount of responsibility. Because we calculate the exact amount of water needed to keep plants healthy and beautiful, we’re able to save our Communities 20-30% on their water budget.

Consistent Care

It takes consistent management to keep your irrigation system working properly and efficiently; you can’t just set it and forget it. DLC’s comprehensive approach to water management revolves around extensive planning, tracking and monitoring. We dial in water use by setting goals, monitoring water bills and reading meters. This is backed up comprehensive field work, including probing the soil and doing visual inspections. When we do notice that something is not quite right with our water usage, we make sure that the issue is resolved promptly — whether that’s resetting a clock, adjusting a sprinkler head, making repairs or helping plan for large-scale upgrades.​

Our Water Guarantee

Our WaterRight© Program was created for one reason: to save water without sacrificing the health and beauty of your landscape. We are so confident in our water management that we’ll guarantee our yearly water usage. If we go over our guarantee amount, we pay the bill.